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A Lesson from the Vegas Hack for Small Businesses

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So, the recent cyberattack, on MGM Resorts in Las Vegas has caused quite a stir in the business world. It makes you think, if a big player like MGM can be targeted, what does that mean for businesses like ours?

It's important to realise that cyber threats don't discriminate based on company size. In fact, small businesses may actually be more vulnerable. Unlike corporations many smaller businesses may not have the level of advanced cybersecurity measures in place making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

You might be wondering, "Why would hackers go after my business?" The answer is quite simple: it's easier for them. Cybercriminals are opportunistic by nature. If they spot a vulnerability, they will exploit it regardless of the size of the business. Additionally, small businesses often possess data such as customer information that can be sold or held for ransom.

The Vegas Hack: What does this mean for us?

The MGM hack serves as a lesson that no business is completely immune to such attacks. It's a reminder of the role proactive cybersecurity measures play. Here are some key takeaways relevant to businesses.

Keep your software updated regularly including your operating system. These updates often include patches to address known security vulnerabilities.

Educate Your Team The weakest link, in security is often an error. Conduct training sessions to ensure your team is informed about the threats and how to avoid them.

Backup Regularly It's important to have backups of all business data. If you fall victim to ransomware, having backups can be a lifeline.

Invest in Security Consider investing in cybersecurity tools and services specifically designed for businesses. It's an investment that ensures the safety and continuity of your business.

Empathy and Solidarity

As a community of businesses, it is essential for us to approach cybersecurity with empathy and solidarity. Of being concerned about the MGM hack from a distance, let's use it as an opportunity for unity. Let's share resources, knowledge and best practices so that together, we can create a digital landscape for businesses of all sizes.


The digital era presents opportunities for growth and innovation, but it also brings challenges. Cybersecurity is one challenge that requires our attention. By learning from incidents, like the MGM hack and supporting one another, small businesses can confidently navigate the landscape securely.

Contact us at Q10 Systems Today to discuss how we can start you on your cybersecurity journey.


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