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Essential Cybersecurity Strategies for Small Businesses: Insights from Healthcare Sector Breach

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As reported by Bleeping Computer, small businesses can gain insights from cyberattacks on healthcare organisations in the U.S. These attacks, which took advantage of remote access tools, emphasise the importance of having cybersecurity measures in place.

What can we learn from this recent Healthcare Sector Breach?

For businesses, investing in Managed IT and cybersecurity services is crucial. These services ensure that systems are regularly updated and secure while also providing monitoring of the network. This proactive approach helps address potential vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can exploit them.

The increasing complexity of cyber-attacks, in which hackers are able to gain persistent access by installing additional software like AnyDesk/TeamViewer, underscores the importance for small businesses to invest in advanced cybersecurity measures. By adopting reliable security tools and providing comprehensive Security Awareness training to employees, businesses can better identify and manage such threats, thereby safeguarding their valuable data and assets.

To prevent security risks, small businesses should regularly audit and update their software inventory and prohibit unauthorised installations.

Also, managing user accounts effectively is a crucial part of maintaining cybersecurity for businesses. Hackers often try to establish accounts to gain ongoing access to a system. Therefore, it is important for small businesses to implement password policies and regularly review user accounts to detect and prevent unauthorised access.


As reported by Bleeping Computer, the security breach in the healthcare industry serves as a reminder of the ongoing cyber threats. Implementing managed IT and cybersecurity services, and utilising robust cybersecurity practices, application monitoring, and vigilant user account management can greatly enhance small businesses' defenses against cyber-attacks.

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