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NBN Co's Major Upgrade: Boosting 53,000 Users to Full Fibre Transforming Australia's Internet!

Computer generated image of fibre network inside city

G'day, some big news in Australian telecommunications: NBN Co is upgrading 53,000 premises from FTTN to full fibre by mid-next year, a move detailed in their latest service improvement plan​​.

Full Fibre Transforming Australia's Internet: So Why the Upgrade?

  1. Stability Issues with FTTN: Copper-based connections can be less stable, especially in bad weather.

  2. Limited Speeds: Copper lines often can't keep up with high-speed demands.

The Power of Fibre

  • Top Speeds of 1000/400 Mbps: Full fibre offers incredibly high speeds.

  • Economical Options: For many, a 1000/50 Mbps plan offers a balance of high performance and affordability.

  • Stability: Fibre ensures consistent, reliable internet.

User Benefits

  • Improved Internet Experience: Faster, more reliable service.

  • Targeted Upgrades: Focusing on the most underperforming FTTN premises.

  • Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Preparing for evolving digital needs.

Benefits for Small Businesses

  • Economic Growth: Better internet can drive business and social engagement.

  • Benefits for Small Businesses: Reliable Internet is key to efficient and successful business operations.

Check Your Eligibility

Experiencing slow speeds or dropouts? You might be eligible for an FTTH upgrade. Contact your provider to find out more.

Q10 Systems: Your Partner in Managed IT and Internet Services

Need help navigating these changes? Q10 Systems offers Managed IT and Internet Services, ideal for small businesses. We can guide you through the upgrade process, helping you unlock the full potential of NBN's fibre network.


The switch to full-fibre is more than a speed boost; it's about reliable and efficient digital connectivity for all Australians. This upgrade with Q10 Systems’ support can be a game-changer for small businesses. Stay updated on this exciting development! source



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